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Fire Retardant Plywood

GMG is one of the leading fire retardant plywood manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar, India. Fire Retardant Plywood meets IS 5509-2000 standards offering resistance to Ignition, surface spread of flames and flames penetration by suitable chemical treatment. Fire retardant characteristics are a very important property to prevent propagation of fire at the initial stages. Flame penetration: The time taken for flame penetration shall not be less than 15 minutes for every 6mm thickness.

Rate of burning: The time taken to lose weight from 30 percent shall not be less than 20 minutes. Flammability: The time taken for second ignition shall not be less than 30 minutes.

Length 24406 2442mm
Width 12203 1222mm
Thickness 12mm + 5% 11.80mm
Squareness 2mm/1000mm 0.95mm
Edge straightness 2mm/1000mm 0.50mm
Workmanship & finish As per clouse 9.1 to 9.2 Satisfactory
Physical Properties    
Density 0.60-0.65gm/cm 3 0.64gm/cm 3
Moisture contents 5-20% 10.25%
Water-resistance test
Cyclic test
8 hours-16 hours
3 Cycles
Pass Standard Excellence
Mycological Test Pass Standard Excellence
Static bending strength
Along the grain M.O.E.
Across the grain M.O.E.
Along the grain M.O.R.
Across the grain M.O.R.
Avg - 5000N/mm 2
Ind - 4500N/mm 2
Avg - 2500N/mm 2
Ind - 2200N/mm 2
Avg - 40
Ind - 36
Avg - 20
Ind - 18
5850 N/mm2
4020 N/mm2
3480 N/mm2
2855 N/mm2
47.80 N/mm2
36.40 N/mm2
27.25 N/mm2
20.35 N/mm2
Fire Retardant Tests IS:5509 :    
Flammability 30 Min. 35 Min.
Flame penetration 30 Min. 33 Min.
Rate of burning 20 Min. 28 Min.

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