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GMG is one of the leading Block Board brands in India as our Block Boards are made in Moisture Resistant & Boiling Water Resistant Grade, duly bonded with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde & Fortified Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin respectively. It has high resistant properties against borer and termite attacks. The wooden battens are thoroughly seasoned in scientifically run seasoning kiln plants and then cut with great precision to obtain uniform thickness. These battens are systematically arranged and utmost care is taken to avoid any extra gap between the battens. It is available with Masterwork, Excellence and Invention series. GMG Blockboard are available in both poplar wood filler and pinewood filler.Being one of the best block board manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar we ensure to supply our block boards utmost care which makes us one of the leading block board suppliers in Yamuna Nagar.

A warranty card will be issued at the time of purchase.


  • 19 MM
  • 22 MM
  • 25 MM

Application Areas

  • Bookshelves
  • Wall Panels
  • Partition Walls
  • Tables
  • Wardrobe and Kitchen Shutters
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