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MDF Board

(Medium Density Fibreboard) is constructed by condensing lots of small wood fibers together with glue. It does not have visible wood grains or knots because it is made up of small wood fibers. Furniture or other objects created using MDF are lot less expensive as compared to wood thus it's the perfect economical choice

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is wood fibre-based panels. One of the most attractive aspects of MDF is its homogeneous, one-piece construction. The board density of GMG MDF is better than most other products on the market because our board is made from hardwood. Using special German technology, our Boards have the best routing characteristics because they are pressed in such a way that compression pressure reaches the board's core, which is critical for high-quality routing. We also produce in EO, E1 & E2 Grade. Our quality makes us one of the leading ply board manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar.

We also deal in INDURA(Interior Grade), EXDURA(Exterior Grade), EDXMR(Extra density extra moisture resistant) and Pre-Lam MDF. You can visit Crosta Panels, our sister firm to explore more.

Key Area of Application

  • Laminate Flooring Substrate Embossed Panels Wall Cladding
  • Kitchen Shutters Door manufacturing
  • Decorative Display Panels
  • Railway Cushion Base
  • Automotive Internal panels


  • Compared to plywood, MDF is usually cheaper.
  • The smooth surface of MDF makes it an excellent surface for painting
  • MDF cuts and carves easily because of its smooth edges.
  • Compared to particle board, it is more dense and stronger.
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