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Caliberated Plywood

GMG plywood manufactures the best-calibrated plywood with uniform thickness and evenness, making the product top tier. Calibrated plywoods are the most advanced type of plywood, because of its uniform thickness and size that’s created by using state-of-the-art machines. Calibrated plywoods are the most impressive and top-notch functional modular furniture plywoods available on the market. We are known as the reputed plywood suppliers in this industry as we deliver the best quality plywoods.

Advantages of calibrated plywood

  • The precise finishing of the calibrated plywood makes it one of the most sought after plywoods.
  • The uniform evenness throughout.
  • The super-smooth surface with excellent engineering on it.
  • Suitable for kitchens and fire-prone areas. Its properties include its waterproofing and fire resistance.
  • Zero surface core gap in the plywood
  • It’s warping free.

The manufacturing process of the calibrated plywood

GMG has gained their spot among the best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar because of their consistency. And because of that unwavering dedication, today they are here with their calibrated plywood range.

First, the process includes a hydraulic hot Press in a two-way process on the wood veneers.

Then the second step involves calibrating the plywood with calibrating machine which is important to get the uniform thickness. Again, the calibrated plywoods are repressed to get a smooth and perfect finish around it. Thus, making the plywoods with minimal core gaps around them.

Finally, the plywood involves supreme precision to iron out any flaw. Also, the most modern standing machinery ensures the unmatched thickness to get the desired outcome.

How to choose the best plywood with the highest specifications.

Choosing the best ply manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar can be a tedious task, but you do not need to worry anymore, as our services involve the highest commitment to serving our customers with world-class product quality and accountability with customized innovations.


Are you looking for the finest calibrated plywood in Yamuna Nagar? Then, you are at the right place because we have a long chain of the top plywood suppliers in Yamunanagar. We are well-known, reputed, calibrated plywood manufacturers. Our expert team curates the finest quality plywood suppliers in this industry.

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