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The term "plywood" is common and people know that it is some kind of object that's made with wood and is used for making furniture and stuff, but when they are presented with the term "shuttering plywood" they are rendered clueless. It is a term that's not commonly used and not even shown on television like the plywood which is used for our interiors. That's why it is important to make the people familiar with this term that seems alien but is an important part of our home sweet home.

Shuttering is a building procedure in which concrete is poured into a temporary mould to achieve the desired structural shape. Steel, glass fiber reinforced polymers, and other materials, such as wood, can be used for shuttering.
The term "shuttering plywood" is a common term that is used in the construction sector. It is made the same way as any other plywood or wooden panel, with thin veneers laid on top of each other and cemented together to prevent concrete from leaking through the mould. The grain orientation of these veneers is perpendicular to each other.

  • It is dimensionally stable and lightweight.
  • It is strong and rigid.
  • It can withstand heavy loads.
  • It is easy to work with shuttering plywood if proper and advanced machines are used.
  • It can withstand heavy blows and bruises.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • It is water-resistant as it is mainly used for external purposes.
  • It has improved resistance to scraping, swelling, shrinkage, moisture, chemicals, insects, fungi and termites.
  • It can be reused if appropriate precautions are taken, which include being cleaned well and stored in a cool, dry area.

Shuttering plywood is the core of construction and its usage is not only limited to buildings like flats, skyscrapers etc. but covers a large spectrum. The other projects which require the aid of shuttering plywood include:

  • Dams, flyovers, bridges, tunnels, beams, roofing, and other structures' construction.
  • Workplace offices, milk stands, and high-altitude military barracks.
  • Bus bodies, trains, stalls and pavilions, and sheds.
  • Shipbuilding, luggage racks, and cooling towers.

The foundation of every building or any structure needs to be strong, and then only the whole thing will be stable and durable for the longest time. The shuttering plywood is a blessing for the construction sector and GMG understands that. That's why we are adamant about the quality of our shuttering plywood and will never compromise with it.

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