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Marine Plywood

Years back, solid wood was used for home furnishings and it looked beautiful to look at. However, with things becoming modern and the developing technology, plywood made its way in the latest home furniture and interior decors.

People choose plywood for home décor because of its unique properties. Plywood is used to make many household furniture like tables, drawers, fancy things, etc. It’s available in various grades that are different in strength and resilience. Out of all, one of the finest plywood is marine plywood.

Marine plywood is one of the highest grade plywood in the industry that is manufactured using numerous plies used in construction. It’s almost twice as that of other plywood and is composed of 10-12 layers. The glue used in this marine plywood is a synthetic plastic phenolic formaldehyde resin that makes it waterproof. It is because of this waterproof quality that it is the best suitable for exterior use like the garden and patio furniture or stairs. It is equally used in the boat building industry, where water exposure is high.

Top Unique Features of Marine Plywood

Marine grade plywood is highly reliable, strong, and flexible. Some most prominent features of marine plywood include:

  • 1. Water-Resistance
  • In any standard plywood, water seeps through the plywood really fast and heavily, but marine plywood is manufactured 100% waterproof, making it suitable for all water applications. It has several strong layers of strong adhesive and resin that prevents moisture from entering and damaging it.

    Also, it features a porous-free surface to avoid any possibility of water leakage. This marine-grade plywood unique quality makes it an ideal choice for the construction of all structures exposed to moisture.

  • 2. Extreme Ductility
  • Another important unique and significant feature of marine plywood is its extreme flexibility that allows it to take any shape or form desired. Indeed, it is one of the best distinguishing features of marine plywood that helps it maintain its structural integrity irrespective of how you bend and shape it. Top-notch quality of marine plywood from GMG can withstand the highest amount of pressure than any other ordinary grade of plywood.

    3. High-Strength

    Unlike other varieties of wood and plywood, Marine plywood can withstand severe wear and tear for a long time. It is tough and manufactured to withstand weathering quite easily. This is why marine plywood has an unmatched longevity.

    The main reason for it being super-strong, is because of its formulated adhesive used to bind the ply together. In addition to everything, marine plywood undergoes a unique vacuum pressure treatment which further adds to its super strength.

  • 4. Termite Resistant
  • Another noticeable advantage of using marine plywood is that when it comes to handling wet conditions, then marine plywood can do that very well. This makes it insects and termite-resistant. There is a firm grip between its layers that offers a supreme quality protection to it against termites .

  • 5) Better than Standard Solid Plywood
  • In contrast to solid wood that is available in much smaller sizes and doesn’t possess all the properties as that of marine plywood.

    Average plywood comes with 18 mm thickness. This makes it somewhat challenging to make furniture due to its rough surface and unstable structure. On the other hand, marine plywood gives us this leverage for total utilization in any form.

  • 6) Versatile
  • Marine plywood offers a wide range of applications both commercially and residentially. You can efficiently use it in different sections of the construction industry. It is because of its versatility that it can be effectively used in making boats, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, ceilings, floors, furniture, doors, etc.

    Reasons to Switch to Using Marine Plywood

    Once you have made use of marine plywood in your interiors, you need not worry about that equipment it is used in, over the years to come. Stay assured that it will last over the years to come without any maintenance and can handle any abuse. Another prime reason why plywood suppliers use it in both commercial and residential spaces is that this plywood offers an exceptional surface finish. Also, there are some interior projects that demand a smooth finish that no ordinary plywood can deliver.

    Final Takeaway

    Marine plywood is easy to paint over and the applications in different home and office nooks are just limitless.

    When you’re ready to buy marine plywood, ensure you buy it from a well-known brand that is sure to last.

    Certainly Marine-grade plywood is one of the best and supreme quality products available in the market today. Buy it from GMG Plywoods- the best plywood dealers and stay assured for the quality.