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Flexible plywood is also known as Flexi plywood and as the name goes flexible plywood is a form of plywood that can be bent without shattering. This is beneficial for making any form of furniture with curved surfaces. These are generally made from Baltic Birch ( Betula sp). Flexi ply with the greatest flexibility may be flexed or bent by hand with ease, and the bending radius varies depending on the sheet thickness. Flexi ply has the remarkable property of adapting to practically any curved contour while maintaining its strength and stability.

It is used in household furnishings that require curved surfaces. For example, a rocking chair, a curved sofa, or a round coffee table, lamp stands, ornamental and ornate woodwork, and other interior features require more flexibility to produce a more appealing end product. Also staircases or any commercial furniture, including office furniture, arches, and rounded or curved columns, any construction that is challenging and complex.
Flexi Ply is ideally suited for modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes where evident edgy joints are always a problem because they can be applied easily at the edges. It can also be used for structural and architectural projects because its strength is not compromised. Flexi ply is therefore excellent for a wide range of applications that require bends and curves or odd shapes.
Flexi Ply's flexibility is a result of its unique construction. Let's get technical to better comprehend it. To increase rigidity, the grains of each layer of conventional plywood are pushed in a perpendicular direction. Whereas in Flexi ply, all of the grains run in the same direction, giving the plywood a bendy quality and unparalleled flexibility while maintaining structural integrity.


  • The furniture can have a smooth and seamless edge as well as a single sheet look and feel with Flexi ply.
  • It enables the construction of new furniture designs without requiring extensive effort, resulting in a diverse range of furniture creations.
  • This plywood is ideal for carpenters because of its flexibility and ease of use.
  • The most appealing feature of Flexi ply is that it can be waxed, painted, stained, oiled, or lacquered to match your existing decor or to emphasize its wooden appearance, it was simply left untreated.
  • Bending, fabricating, and laminating do not require any specific equipment.
  • This type of plywood, once glued, veneered, or laminated, will hold its shape without requiring any further auxiliary support or structure. As a result, it is more cost-effective and time-consuming.
  • This plywood is watertight as well as termite and borer resistant. Its water resilience makes it the most popular ply for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms with a lot of water exposure.
  • Antibacterial characteristics can be added to the Flexi ply.
  • It is also water-resistant to some extent.
  • Because it is resistant to corrugation, undulation, and thickness change, it has good dimensional stability, meaning your furniture will keep its shape for years.
  • Flexi Ply is especially ideal for low-budget projects because it eliminates the need for additional expenditures and time commitments.
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