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Calibrated plywood is the most advanced type of plywood, produced using cutting-edge machines to ensure uniform thickness and evenness, making it ideal for post-lamination processes and the creation of modular furniture. It is an ideal panel product for use by mechanized automated furniture manufacturers due to its uniform thickness all around the ply. The superior calibration process also results in a super-smooth surface, making it a favorite in the industry!

Calibrated plywoods have been in high demand in the last four years. Four years ago, the plywood industry was unable to deliver true 'Calibrated Plywood' that could be used smoothly in the furniture making category, so suppliers imported such plywood from China, Indonesia, and Russia. However, a number of plywood manufacturers have created proper setups to produce 'Calibrated Plywood’. Nowadays Indian brands offer Real Calibrated plywood in thicknesses of various range and all plywood has similar raw materials, but if it is calibrated properly, it has an extra advantage, and customers pay extra for it.The Indian kitchen/furniture industry is ready and willing to accept true calibrated plywood.
Calibrated plywood has several advantages over regular plywood, prompting people to switch from regular plywood to calibrated plywood in order to achieve perfection in modern products.
Calibrated plywood is primarily used to make modular kitchens and furniture, but it is also an excellent material for sofas and tables, as well as a good option for wooden shutters and flooring. Calibrated plywood is ideal for industrial applications such as shuttering plywood, BWP Marine Plywood, and so on because of its uniform thickness and evenness, as well as its minimal to no warping.


  • Calibrated plywood has a super smooth surface, evenness throughout.
  • It has high tolerance and quality.
  • The uniform thickness allows for excellent post-lamination.
  • The best material for post-forming furniture and modular kitchens, among other things.
  • The best wood for the kitchen, fire-prone areas, and so on.
  • Precision finishing and a zero-surface core gap are possible thanks to excellent engineering.
  • Calibrated Plywood has enabled us to produce water-proof, fire-resistant, and flexi-plywood, among other things.

Shuttering plywood is the core of construction and its usage is not only limited to buildings like flats, skyscrapers etc. but covers a large spectrum. The other projects which require the aid of shuttering plywood include:

  • Dams, flyovers, bridges, tunnels, beams, roofing, and other structures' construction.
  • Workplace offices, milk stands, and high-altitude military barracks.
  • Bus bodies, trains, stalls and pavilions, and sheds.
  • Shipbuilding, luggage racks, and cooling towers.


It is made through a two-way pressing process. Core veneer composers are the primary material used (pressed) in the production of plywoods. In addition to core veneer composers, the manufacturers will install sanding machines, glue spreaders, and other equipment. First, the assembled core veneers are two-way pressed in a hydraulic hot press. It is then sanded for calibration, after which the uneven thickness of the veneers is pressed to produce uniformly thickened plywood. After that, it is resanded with a wide belt sanding machine. Finally, the finished product is a perfectly finished calibrated plywood.

Many brands manufacture calibrated plywood. However, customers should keep some things in mind before buying it. For instance, they must assure the quality, uniform thickness , techniques used also after sales service.

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